That the same food industry that manufactures

elaborates and transforms the food that one eats is also in charge of feeding our pets should make us reflect. Or if this perspective does not seem suspicious enough, it can always be observed the other way around, that is, that the industry that is behind the food for dogs and cats is, in essence, the same one that gives its owners to eat . All this if you want … of course, but the truth is that there are many who want or not, knowing or not … share the same restorer that your dog. This is something that a Washington Post article showed a few months ago with an eloquent title The McDonaldization of American pet food (“The McDonalization of American Pet Food”).

It is undeniable … today the companies that account for most of the business of pet food belong to the same business groups that are leaders in human nutrition … as highlighted and as an example in the highly recommended blog Food polics : the Purina PetCare brand pretends the giant Nestlé (that is, the biggest of the giants); the monster of chocolates and treats Mars also has a division of pet food … The truth is that in what at first glance is shown, I do not see a greater difference between the typical bars marketed by Mars and the classic dog biscuits … and it adds and follows.

With this panorama in which the typical human food industry diversifies its business towards animals, it has been very interesting to know that in 2000, pet food sales have almost doubled … duplicated! happening, only in the US market, to generate sales of 22,000 million dollars last year. But for the love of God … can you know what our pets ate before?

Perhaps, part of the explanation comes from contrasting that the gross entry of the food industry into the pet food market has been accompanied by an important growth in sales of “elite” products for pets . And it is that with the experience that the industry accumulated creating products for “human persons”, this industry was not going to let escape the vein of exploiting one of the biggest weaknesses of this consumer, that is, the Premium product. It is more, supposed three basic lines of industrial food for pets: the basic and more economic, the mid-range and the Premium, it is the latter that accounts for almost half of the sales figure mentioned .

Stupid Humanizing pets

Stupid Humanizing pets

Well thought, I believe that the industry is not the culprit either, she is going to her own business, which is to make money in the best possible way and for that, nothing better than watching the consumer and giving him what he wants. If the consumer wants idiocies, who is the industry to deny them … and with all the right in the world to charge them. The blogger has said idiocies?

Do not have the slightest doubt, since I would not know otherwise to catalog an industrial feed for dogs based on the Mediterranean diet (of which I want to stop to think about its formulation) or the one that stimulates its defenses (I believe that Danone in this case should have legitimate right to a bite ) … or, he does not go further, I think free of meat for dogs and vegetarian cats (or rather for vegetarians who, against nature, want to feed their pet vegetarian style). But there is more, no doubt, after the impossible feeds (in which it is more than patent a projection of the neuras and filias of some humans ) we have beer for dogs or wine for cats . In my opinion, in a certain sense, I believe that the human being is a social living being that lives physically isolated from its congeners … or that to a certain extent, as it evolves, it tends to that isolationism while surrounding itself with other living beings that keep it company … and With whom could you share a beer after work if there was not a canine beer? With whom if not to celebrate a dinner by candlelight with a good wine? If there was no wine for cats?

And making them sick

And making them sick

Anyway, if someone saw this with enough perspective it would be laughable, but lamely clear, since the mere fact of smiling publicly with these things is sure to be politically incorrect. To me the truth, they do not do me any grace. In definitive accounts, from a population point of view we have managed to get sick by consuming a series of products that the food industry has hastened to provide , while we have infected our own chronic diseases to our pets. These now eat the same, bad, that we; they have an equal, bad life, than we do in terms of physical activity; and suffer from a series of diseases similar to ours, including obesity and diabetes, which have experienced in the canine and feline world a frankly unprecedented takeoff in recent years.

If we had a dog or a cat at home (the last thing I see is unlikely), I’m sure you would eat the same as we do the rest, that is to say, within reasonable limits, of processed, prepared, prepared foods, etcetera.