Cheap loan: Wulff profits from investments of Lower Saxony

The favorable interest rates, the Federal President Christian Wulff had to pay for his loan at BW Bank, resulting from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung information also from investments in his house, which is paid by the state of Lower Saxony.

The surprising interest rates, the Federal President Christian Wulff had to pay for his loan at BW Bank, resulting among other things from investments in his house, which is paid by the state of Lower Saxony. For the safety of the former prime minister, the country had installed in his private house additional safety devices and getting paid 850 thousand to 900 thousand euros, according to circles of BW-Bank – for installations such as a safe room or bulletproof windows.

Through these investments, the value of the home has increased significantly, and the only reason I Wulff can get a loan of 500,000 euros on very reasonable conditions, even though he has paid himself for the property only 415,000 euros. “In this way, Wulff has been significantly better off than if only the usual renovations would have been credited to the value”, according to informed circles in Stuttgart.

The affair of the Federal President: Merkel: respect Wulff’s decision

The relationship between the publicly funded investment in Wulff’s house and the low-interest rates deny neither the BW-Bank nor Wulff’s lawyers, both of which submitted comments in writing. “Please understand that we provide for security to the security measures in the house in Burgwedel any information,” said Wulff’s lawyer Gernot Lehr on request.

The President would be amongst the remnant “no information on the bank’s internal investigation of the mortgage lending value and the assessment of its credit rating by the bank before” because of the matter raised by the appraisal report BW Bank to a bank’s internal surface. BW Bank called to the task any details, citing bank secrecy: “In this respect, we can not comment on the increase in value you mentioned. However, we point out that after extensive renovations and significant investments in the building in March 2010, lying above the loan amount collateral value resulted. ”

“Who wants to live in such a bunker-like building”

According to information from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 250,000 euros were deducted when determining the value of the house from the investments of Lower Saxony. The increase in value so adopted is for that reason under the actual investment because some of the security installations for potential homebuyers is not relevant Рespecially in a place like Großburgwedel, who has barely 10,000 inhabitants.

Perhaps, one speculates in circles of the Bank’s Supervisory Board, the amount of 250,000 euros is estimated for too generous for yourself: “Who wants to live in such a bunker-like building.” BW Bank said: “The value of the property was of determines a certified internal expert. This is independent of the credit decision and has the necessary experience and expertise for collateral valuations. ”

BW Bank was Federal President Christian Wulff a loan – and is now in the public eye
On the subject of real estate financing Wulff had given the impression in his television interview when he had introduced himself 40 percent equity, in which he spoke of a “60-percent financing” and explained the work of the Bank: “And in this security situation, which I have of course proved with all the documents, with an expert opinion on the house, which they can customize, then there’s this interest rate, coupled to the money market rate. ”
Irritations are available in circles of Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg, to which the BW-Bank is also about the presentation of the President on the business initiation. “BW Bank was Bank of Mr. Geerkens,” Wulff said on TV – as if Geerkens was there previously been a major customer.

The case is doubly stressful for the BW-Bank

In Stuttgart, the case is presented differently: “. Mr. Geerkens has waved a larger sum that he wanted to invest in wealth management of BW-Bank” But it has become nothing ever, according to banking circles. With the details of the business with Wulff now the Board of BW Bank has considered that was previously apparently not involved because of the amount of the loan is not required. In a meeting on February 13, the Audit Committee of LBBW will deal with the case on February 23, then the supervisory board.

For the BW-Bank is the case in two ways is stressful: Firstly, angry customers who have to pay significantly higher interest on their mortgage despite good earnings report. On the other wealthy clients show irritated by so much public. From a purely economical bench, the Wulff loan carries no risk well: As President, he shall live long an honorarium in the amount of the emoluments to.