The Government Family Package has attracted a lot of interest in the housing market!

Sean Cole told the government’s annual assessor, among other things, about the family-aid action plan, which, due to its size and its impact, is so huge that it is worth a stimulus package.

The “family protection action plan” to be introduced 7 points:


1. Every first woman married to a child under 40 years of age, will receive a $ 10 million baby loan.

  • When the first child is born, the loan is suspended for three years,
  • When the second child arrives, the loan is suspended for a further three years, and one third of the loan is released.
  • When the third child arrives, the entire $ 10 million loan is released.

2. FHD is expanding the Family Home Discount Loan, its main element being that the second home can be used for a discount loan.

3. And the very attractive support, mothers of four, are exempt from personal income tax for the rest of their lives!

4. The government takes over USD 1 million from the birth of the second child and USD 4 million from the mortgage of the families after the birth of the third child. For additional children (born later), the government takes over USD 1 million for each child born.

5. The government would encourage large families to purchase cars by providing two and a half million non-refundable subsidies to families with three children for the purchase of vehicles for a minimum of 7 people.

6. Expanding nursery capacity, providing full nursery care to anyone who needs it!

7. Introduce “Grandparent’s GYED”, which allows grandparents to be actively involved in parenting!
Since then, we’ve got more details about the package!

  • 10 million USD discount credit will be for free use,
  • For women between the ages of 18 and 40,
  • second-hand homes are extended the FHD discount loan!
  • Enlargement means two million for two children and 15 million for three or more children.

The Prime Minister introduced the preferential borrowing of young married couples!

As of July 1, 2019, child support for young married couples will be introduced.


  • Every woman under 40 is eligible for a $ 10 million discount on their first marriage.

The repayment is

  • suspended for 3 years on arrival of first child,
  • suspended for a further 3 years in the case of a second child, and
  • one third of the capital debt is released, the third one the remaining debt is released.

The most important part of the measure has not yet been clarified under what terms and conditions, and what can be claimed, when and what exactly is the preferential loan (interest, maturity)money

There are nearly 50,000 marriages in Hungary every year, including those over the age of 40 and those not married for the first time. According to these figures, the government will assume the cost of a $ 500 billion loan interest waiver, according to previous announcements. The effect of discounts may be decided after the final details have been announced.

If you have a housing goal, would like to take out a home loan, are interested in your options, or may have been interested in the new FHD changes, are interested in the future details of your new family action plan, call our credit brokerage experts

Bad credit payday loan online -You might consider online lenders for bad credit

The first thing that comes to mind when reading this article is: I need money fast, what can I do?   If that happens to you now, here we can provide any solutions that you can do. Like fast online loans or with other solutions along with their advantages and disadvantages.

You might consider online lenders for bad credit if you want cash fast

We started with a possible and profitable solution, namely online loans for bad credit. On the one hand, this is the right solution for the urgent conditions you are experiencing. At, everyone can get an online loan for bad credit within 24 hours. Because that time is the maximum period given by management. Case in point, suppose your loan request has been sent before 3 pm, then you will get the money at night (same day).

Another advantage is to hope that the process and the lack of documents required by the applicant. This allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of using microcredit online. Including those in the list of arrears who cannot pay debts or those who do not have a salary or savings can apply for a fast online loan without collateral.

One of the weaknesses of this program is that it depends on how big your level of needs is. Here a limited amount of funds is provided: with a maximum of Rp. 4,000,000. However, with this limit, you will benefit from easy and unhindered procedures. Therefore online loans are a very appropriate solution, you can get fast money as soon as possible to deal with unexpected costs that occur, for example, such as fines or delays in receiving salaries.

Filing for bank credit

This can be an alternative to small loans that cannot be done online where you need enormous funds. You can only negotiate such amounts with banks and financial institutions. In other words, maybe we should stop using the word ‘ urgent ‘because this type of loan is a type of loan that is carried out directly to the Bank or a company where they have strict rules for each loan, so this will take time, around a few days or even months.

In addition, there are many cases where loans are not given to the applicant, and this may be due to many reasons. Among other things, the borrower does not reach the middle-income requirements set by the Bank (for example, a high salary and regular employment) or because the applicant is included in the list of people who have arrears.

Use of personal savings

You can say that this is the best solution: were using your own savings will not pose any risk unless the savings are joint-owned savings where other owners do not approve of their use. As we know, saving is hard work, inheritance or can be called a gift that is yours and you can use it as you wish. So this is one solution to get money quickly in the conditions or financial problems that you are facing.

Of course, this might not be a pleasant decision: Some people who already have savings tend to have a savings plan that has been scheduled for use. Losing some nominal value from your “savings book” will sometimes not be easy to return.

As discussed earlier, we must recognize that in all cases you can use your savings when you need them. Or rather, there are circumstances where you don’t want to look wasteful. For example, a pension fund: this pension fund, there are still many people who use it and consider it savings, actually this is an investment institution. Like a bank or a company that manages your pension fund by investing your money in a business with varied capital where you will be given a fine for those who withdraw money before maturity. Therefore, consider your best before making a decision.

Selling jewelry or personal items

In times of crisis, pawnshops have become very popular where people are starting to question basic things like When I need money urgently, what can I do? The system is simple: you bring your jewelry to a pawnshop, they give you a price and if you accept it, you get the money and get paid right away. The disadvantages? Pegadaian is a business and of course, looking for economic benefits. They will try to pay as little as possible for your goods to get a bigger profit when selling again. Another disadvantage is that jewelry is usually an object with high sentimental value but is given a price that does not match the value of the item.

In the same situation used objects such as musical instruments, household appliances, sports equipment, etc. Can be sold directly on the Internet or at thrift stores. The main disadvantage is that there is a reduction in costs, such as for example when goods are purchased for Rp. 3,000,000, maybe now if sold is not worth more than Rp. 800,000, so the store buys at a lower price even though the item still has benefits. And in many cases, these objects also have very strong sentimental value. In addition, in the case of direct sales, the money is not immediately accepted because you have to wait for interested buyers and judge whether the item is worth buying or not with some consideration.

The solution to your question “I need money fast, what can I do?” We have answered. The most recommended option is a fast online loan. From the analysis we have done on the many alternatives and cases that have already been, this is the most appropriate solution. So about fast online loan articles, if you are still confused and have a few questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

For the first time negative interest for 10,000-euro loan

 negativzins kredit 1024x479

The credit portal Smava expands its negative interest loan significantly: The negative annual interest rate of minus 0.4 percent is valid until 7 October for a loan amount of 10,000 euros. This is the case in Germany for the first time. In 2017, we were the first provider in Germany to introduce a negative interest rate on installment loans for a loan amount of € 1,000.


Image result for alexander artopéAlexander Artopé, co-founder and CEO of Smava

“More and more consumers are using Smava because they pay us significantly less for their credit than they do at their house bank. For example, Smava has become one of the most important contact points for online loans in Germany. Other providers are now geared to us and also offer negative interest rates. More and more consumers are benefiting from cheap online loans, “says Alexander Artopé, CEO of Smava.


Rent 10,000 euros, repay 9,959 euros

The negative interest rate of minus 0.4 percent applies to a loan of EUR 10,000 with a maturity of 24 months. That means: “I borrow 10,000 euros and only have to repay 9,959 euros,” said Artopé. “At this point, consumers can not borrow 10,000 euros anywhere else in Germany.” Loans can be applied for by employees, workers and civil servants with at least a good credit rating. The negative interest loan is offered exclusively by Smava as “Kredit2Day” in cooperation with the lending solarisBank AG. These are the loan terms in detail.


Credit application check is SCHUFA-neutral

In Germany, bank loans may only be disbursed after a thorough and positive credit check. This test is therefore carried out nationwide in a comparable manner. This means that potential creditors must provide information about their person as well as their finances. In addition, a SCHUFA information about them is obtained. In the case of the Smava negative interest loan, the lending solarisBank AG solicits this information. For this purpose, she makes a “request credit terms” to the SCHUFA. Inquiry Credit terms do not affect the credit applicant’s SCHUFA score.


Smava continuously lowers interest rates to the benefit of more and more borrowers

In 2015, the credit portal Smava was the first online provider to launch a zero-percent loan in Germany. Shortly thereafter, other providers offered such a loan. The same can be observed with the negative interest loan. In 2017, Smava brought it to market as the first provider in Germany. Since February 2018, other providers offer similar, by also offering a negative interest loan. “More and more consumers are benefiting from low-interest loans,” says Artopé.


Smava is growing very fast and will provide loans of over 2 billion euros in 2018

From year to year Smava establishes itself more strongly as one of the central online centers for installment loans in Germany. This explains why the volume of credit brokered by smava is growing rapidly. In 2017, smava brokered loans with a volume of 1.2 billion euros. In 2018 it will be more than 2 billion euros.

That the same food industry that manufactures

elaborates and transforms the food that one eats is also in charge of feeding our pets should make us reflect. Or if this perspective does not seem suspicious enough, it can always be observed the other way around, that is, that the industry that is behind the food for dogs and cats is, in essence, the same one that gives its owners to eat . All this if you want … of course, but the truth is that there are many who want or not, knowing or not … share the same restorer that your dog. This is something that a Washington Post article showed a few months ago with an eloquent title The McDonaldization of American pet food (“The McDonalization of American Pet Food”).

It is undeniable … today the companies that account for most of the business of pet food belong to the same business groups that are leaders in human nutrition … as highlighted and as an example in the highly recommended blog Food polics : the Purina PetCare brand pretends the giant Nestlé (that is, the biggest of the giants); the monster of chocolates and treats Mars also has a division of pet food … The truth is that in what at first glance is shown, I do not see a greater difference between the typical bars marketed by Mars and the classic dog biscuits … and it adds and follows.

With this panorama in which the typical human food industry diversifies its business towards animals, it has been very interesting to know that in 2000, pet food sales have almost doubled … duplicated! happening, only in the US market, to generate sales of 22,000 million dollars last year. But for the love of God … can you know what our pets ate before?

Perhaps, part of the explanation comes from contrasting that the gross entry of the food industry into the pet food market has been accompanied by an important growth in sales of “elite” products for pets . And it is that with the experience that the industry accumulated creating products for “human persons”, this industry was not going to let escape the vein of exploiting one of the biggest weaknesses of this consumer, that is, the Premium product. It is more, supposed three basic lines of industrial food for pets: the basic and more economic, the mid-range and the Premium, it is the latter that accounts for almost half of the sales figure mentioned .

Stupid Humanizing pets

Stupid Humanizing pets

Well thought, I believe that the industry is not the culprit either, she is going to her own business, which is to make money in the best possible way and for that, nothing better than watching the consumer and giving him what he wants. If the consumer wants idiocies, who is the industry to deny them … and with all the right in the world to charge them. The blogger has said idiocies?

Do not have the slightest doubt, since I would not know otherwise to catalog an industrial feed for dogs based on the Mediterranean diet (of which I want to stop to think about its formulation) or the one that stimulates its defenses (I believe that Danone in this case should have legitimate right to a bite ) … or, he does not go further, I think free of meat for dogs and vegetarian cats (or rather for vegetarians who, against nature, want to feed their pet vegetarian style). But there is more, no doubt, after the impossible feeds (in which it is more than patent a projection of the neuras and filias of some humans ) we have beer for dogs or wine for cats . In my opinion, in a certain sense, I believe that the human being is a social living being that lives physically isolated from its congeners … or that to a certain extent, as it evolves, it tends to that isolationism while surrounding itself with other living beings that keep it company … and With whom could you share a beer after work if there was not a canine beer? With whom if not to celebrate a dinner by candlelight with a good wine? If there was no wine for cats?

And making them sick

And making them sick

Anyway, if someone saw this with enough perspective it would be laughable, but lamely clear, since the mere fact of smiling publicly with these things is sure to be politically incorrect. To me the truth, they do not do me any grace. In definitive accounts, from a population point of view we have managed to get sick by consuming a series of products that the food industry has hastened to provide , while we have infected our own chronic diseases to our pets. These now eat the same, bad, that we; they have an equal, bad life, than we do in terms of physical activity; and suffer from a series of diseases similar to ours, including obesity and diabetes, which have experienced in the canine and feline world a frankly unprecedented takeoff in recent years.

If we had a dog or a cat at home (the last thing I see is unlikely), I’m sure you would eat the same as we do the rest, that is to say, within reasonable limits, of processed, prepared, prepared foods, etcetera.

Mortgage yourself

Image result for mortgageMany of my classmates are tested in higher education. As far as languages ​​are concerned, they are convinced that it would be convenient to be trilingual, at least, to be prepared for the current labor market. The vast majority fantasize knowing that it feels to be young, student and self-employed in another country of the European Union to 27 without having to leave their respective careers (not to mention the interest aroused by many other regions of the world such as Latin America, Asia or North America). And all, without exception, consider that there should be economic mechanisms to help them achieve all this without having to resort to their parents. Like them, the immense majority of young Spaniards today make the same reflections and yet, few get to consider studying “outside” as a real and viable option.

Study in Spain

Image result for study in spain

First big obstacle: study in Spain. The Spanish balance in the application of the European Higher Education Area that began with the Bologna process in 1991 is quite catastrophic. Only at the beginning of next year will there be the first races adapted to the European system, that is to say with the system of “cycles” of the same duration and with a number of harmonized university credits. In Spanish universities, following a logic that escapes me, it has been decided that the future first cycles last 4 years instead of three like Germany, France, Italy …

We have been no less than 15 years behind in the implementation of a European higher education policy that should arouse much more interest among the administration, society, teachers and students. It is about fighting the battle for the European University, a common educational space that could be seen as a meeting point for a Europe that is more real, more practical, more citizen and much more capable of competing with the great international powers, a space common synonym of student mobility, intra-European knowledge, cultural, academic, personal and political enrichment not quantifiable. And more in the case of Spain, which despite having some business schools of great international prestige, does not have any public or private university among the 200 best in the world, according to data from the two most important rankings in higher education of the world, ARWU and THES 2006. A deficit that places our graduates higher in the second place on the list of the worst paid in the entire European Union, only behind the Czechs. All this without mentioning that Spain in 2050 will be the country that will have aged the most in the European Union with 36% of its population above 65 years (now that stretch represents 17% of the population) and where the active population should throw with strength to maintain the economic balance of our social model.

Second big obstacle: financing. I do not speak for speaking, I have lived it in my own flesh. There is no public aid, nor that is to afford the trip, for a Spanish student enrolled in a French university (I insist, enrolled, not Erasmus). No bank has an international or European network sufficiently prepared to accept as a guarantor a citizen who does not have his fiscal residence in the country where the financial institution is contacted. University students, just like entrepreneurs with their projects, we build ourselves and depending on the resources we have available we can enrich our personal and professional skills in the very near future. Two of the largest French banks, the Société Générale and the BnpParibas offer student loans with a fixed interest rate of 2.5%, with a grace period of up to one year after completing the studies and a total of 9 to return the credit. They ask that the guarantor be French, a problem again for those of us who do not have French nationality. However, in Spain, banks have not considered something like that. The possibilities that we have are limited to a student loan with a variable interest rate depending on the EURIBOR (which in France leaves by 2.5% here at 6%) and with a much shorter time of deprivation than in the French case . Evidently asking for a guarantor of Spanish nationality and demanding the latter to immobilize a part of the capital. I will express it in another way, no Spanish bank has considered that the fact that I can ask for a loan for a second or third cycle university project can be a little bit different from requesting a mortgage and that may involve, perhaps, an adaptation of banking services to this type of demand. Unfortunately, it is most often that the student’s journey, their abilities, their study project, their qualifications, their experience or their simple willingness to be better prepared are considered simple details of their “dossier”.
A moment, a moment. “Ask for a loan, to study, with a short twenty years?” Our parents exclaim between indignant and worried about the future of their children. But really, what else we have left? The new “University Income Loan” released this year? Yes, but with insufficient amounts per month to pay tuition at a university in London next to a rent for example. The scholarships? Yes, some are good and companies and foundations work so that every day there is more supply, but most times they are more of “contests” restricted to fields of study or specific cases and with very high academic requirements and competition, only a privileged few can get them. “Social helps”? It depends, they are still based on the “family income”. Something that makes little sense, because if as a citizen of legal age I can be brought before justice, regardless of who I am, I do not understand why it should matter to my parents’ income in order to obtain grants for a university degree or a official loan. There is no law that says parents should pay their children’s college. Just as there is none that forces me to ask for your support.

In a globalized and unpredictable world every university student and consequently professional future we will be ambassadors of our ideals and our culture. As better prepared and more tolerant, the European Union will have greater possibilities as a joint society and a mixture of identities to be respected and to have a say in the great decisions to come. Soon we will realize that not only is it profitable but necessary that the old continent bets in every way for its current generation of young university students and entrepreneurs.

An audit detects irregularities in the Costa Brava water consortium

An audit detects irregularities in the Costa Brava water conso

An audit has detected accounting and management irregularities in the Consortium of the Costa Brava (CCB), which is responsible for water supply in the 27 municipalities of the Girona coast. The report analyzes the 2014 accounts. Not only of the consortium – where the Diputación is present – but also of the two companies that hang from it, and that have mixed capital.

The audit, which has been made public by the CUP , questions whether the consortium awarded contracts without public tender. In addition, it concludes that there are practices that favor the private part of companies. For example, they do not pay rent or they have not contributed amounts that they had committed to pay. Among these, a loan of 3 MEUR, 250,000 euros for non-refundable investments or up to 1.5 MEUR to finance works.

The deputy of the CUP, Lluc Salellas, demands immediate resolution of the irregularities and asks the Diputación to purge responsibilities.

The CUP has once again put water management in the spotlight. This time, with the Consortium of the Costa Brava, the entity formed by the Diputación de Girona and 27 coastal coastal municipalities. The training has made public an internal audit that oversees the 2014 accounts. The report analyzes the accounts of the entity, but also those of the two mixed capital companies where the Consortium has a stake. And that, in fact, they were born through him.

The first is the Mixed Company d’Aigües de la Costa Brava SA (EMACBSA). This company, which has a private partner, is responsible for purifying wastewater and maintaining the sanitation systems of the Consortium. The second one is ABASTEM in Alta Costa Brava Empresa Mixta SA (ABASTEM). A firm that manages the service in high, carries out works and where they have participation private Aqualia and Sorea.

The audit passes the scalpel by the budgets, contracts and documentation of 2014. And concludes that, throughout that year, up to 26 breaches were carried out. Some of them, for example, those related to personnel, are the result of administrative errors or withholdings of IRPF that were not carried out. But there are others – and this is where the CUP puts the focus – that go directly into contractual and accounting issues. Above all, those that refer to the relationship between the Consortium and the two mixed companies that provide services to it.

No budget or contest

No budget or contest

From the outset, the audit highlights that the cost of the water sanitation service that EMACBSA invoiced to the consortium (in total, 10.52 MEUR) was made without a prior budget. In addition, apart from that, the report also questions how the works were paid. According to the contract, EMACBSA assumed the maintenance and maintenance costs of the network. And the Consortium, for its part, paid for improvements and extensions.

However, as reflected in the audit, that year there were up to 53 works classified as ‘improvements’, which had a cost of 724,368.32 euros (and, therefore, fully paid the CCB). But as the auditors indicate, nowhere does it say if these jobs were really for improvement – and therefore, they were in charge of the consortium – or they corresponded to maintenance – and therefore, they had to be paid by EMACBSA.

In relation to this company, the audit also calls into question that the contracting system for the works was the most appropriate, and asks why some did not go out to public tender. In addition, the report emphasizes that “recurrent services are processed as in minor contracts, a procedure that can not be the most agreeable in terms of public contracting.”


Up to 620% more benefits

As for ABASTEM, the audit again highlights irregularities that it had already encountered with the other joint venture. In this case, the firm billed the Consortium 312,433.65 euros for improvement works. And as it had also happened with EMACBSA, it does not appear anywhere if this was really the typology of the work (or it was about maintenance work).

In addition, the audit shows that, throughout 2014, the revenues and expenses budgeted by ABASTEM present “very significant increases” with respect to what was collected by the project that was submitted to qualify for the service. And that in no case, “would be justified by the increases in the CPI”. In fact, the report comes to detect deviations of up to 620% with net benefits. On the project, they had been calculated at 28,000 euros. And at the close of 2014, they were more than 200,000.

The audit also reveals that there are contracts to sign on certain services and that the private party, as initially collected, should have financed works included in the Service Improvement Master Plan, contributing up to 1.5 MEUR. An amount that was set in 2009, when ABASTEM was born, and that five years later had not been paid. “This contribution from the private partner has not been made since the investments planned in the Master Plan have not materialized,” the report states.

Neither rent nor loan

Neither rent nor loan

Among the irregularities detected within the CCB and the two joint ventures, it also appears that none of the private partners of EMACBSA or ABASTEM pay rent for the premises they use. And that there are agreements that the private party has not complied with either. For example, EMACBSA had to provide a loan of 3 MEUR three months after the company was incorporated, which would be returned in ten years. Well, in 2014, eight years after EMACBSA was created, “this loan has not been provided,” the report indicates.

In addition, the private partner of the firm also committed to allocate 250,000 euros to fund lost for improvements and replacements. “These investments do not show that they have been carried out,” says the audit.

Without allegations

Without allegations

The results of the audit, to which the Consortium did not present allegations, passed through the plenary session of the Provincial Council of Girona in September. The CUP, however, has decided to make it public now to highlight “the lack of political will of the Diputación at the time of wanting to explain to the public the functioning and management of its dependent entities”. The critical formation of the audit that appears to benefit the private part of the companies, and its deputy Lluc Salellas has already asked to be resolved “immediately detected irregularities.”

The CUP, however, does not stay here. Salellas asks the County Council to purge “those responsible for this malpractice.” In addition, Salellas remembers that, precisely, this 2016 expires the contract that the Consortium has with EMACBSA, and asks that it not be renewed. “It’s an opportunity to rethink the existing model and not repeat mistakes like those that have brought us here; as CUP, we are opposed to extending this service in a joint venture, “he concluded.

“Bad things done, without serious consequences”

"Bad things done, without serious consequences"

The president of the Consortium of the Costa Brava, Carles Pàramo, has admitted that the 2014 audit collects “bad things” in the day-to-day management, but “without serious consequences”. Pàramo recalled that, precisely, they were the ones who commissioned the evaluation report, because the control of the accounts is part of “normality”.

It also ensures that the conclusions of the audit, rather than “reporting irregularities,” what they do is “put doubts about points that are being debated for years,” as if you have to make public contracts or that the private party pays rent. On why they did not present allegations, Pàramo does not go in and simply says that this is the work of the Consorcio’s technicians, because he, as a politician, escapes from it.


Term Life Insurance: Useful or not?

A term life insurance is always useful if people want to protect their loved ones financially in the event of their own death. Even small monthly contributions are enough to secure comprehensive benefits. However, there may be some hurdles to taking out term life insurance.

Term Life Insurance: It makes sense to hedge the family

Especially families with only one main earner should think about the death protection. Anyone who has doubts about whether a term life insurance makes sense for him, should ask two simple questions:

  • What financial burdens arise for the loved ones or surviving dependents, if their own income is eliminated by the death ?
  • Can the income loss be compensated for months by other income?

If there is no satisfactory answer, hedging through a term life insurance makes sense.

For whom is a term life insurance useful?

The conclusion of a term life insurance is advisable if survivors are financially under enormous pressure due to a death , for example due to installment payments for a loan that suddenly can no longer be serviced. If, for example, the sole earner of a family dies, the term life insurance covers an important existential protection for them. To the deep mourning over the loss of the beloved man is not added so nor the concern for the money or the existence .

A term life insurance is also worthwhile for unmarried couples. After the death of the partner, they are not entitled to a widow’s or widower’s pension by law . If both partners contribute to the income, they can mutually protect each other through an associated term life insurance.

Service: From just a few euros a month you can secure a sum insured of one hundred thousand euros or more. With the non-binding tariff calculator for term life insurance, you can still find a suitable protection from a variety of offers, which is good and cheap.


Term life insurance is also suitable for business partners

Truthfully answering health questions

A term life insurance is also useful for business partners. Because especially in the start-up phase a company can threaten the end by the loss of the partner by his death . Furthermore, term life insurance can serve as a hedge for a loan . Survivors can continue to repay existing loans for, for example, building a house or buying a new car.

Term life insurance: Early completion makes sense

The term life insurance is calculated on the basis of a few personal factors such as health status, body weight, occupation exercised, way of life of the customer as well as duration of contract and sum insured. Age is also crucial. It is therefore advisable to take out term life insurance early . Young, healthy non-smokers often pay significantly lower contributions than, for example, older people with pre-existing conditions or smokers.


Truthfully answering health questions

Before conclusion of a term life insurance the state of health of the applicant is requested. It is necessary to answer the health questions truthfully. Otherwise, the insurer has the right to refuse benefits.

Risk life insurance: test winners deliver convincing offer

Risk life insurance: test winners deliver convincing offer

For example, the Institute for Pension and Financial Planning has determined in March 2017 which term insurance is suitable for financial statements. Non-smokers were impressed by Deutsche Lebensversicherungs-AG and Dialog with their offers.

Further term life insurance tests offer interested parties a first orientation and provide an overview of suitable rates. In addition, it makes sense to include your own needs in the selection and to make the decision for a specific insurer not only dependent on the test winner.

Term life insurance makes sense? Disadvantages of the survivor’s protection

The term life insurance has a few disadvantages that interested people should be aware of. Thus, the insurance serves as a pure death protection . There is no capital that will be paid out at the end of the contract. This only offers a life insurance. With it, insured persons combine risk protection with old-age provision.

Another disadvantage arises for persons with pre-existing conditions or an unhealthy lifestyle . They usually pay more for their term life insurance. For smokers, the hedge often costs two to three times as much as for nonsmokers.


Can Ricart accelerates its slow revival for 2017

Can Ricart accelerates its slow revival for 2017

The old Can Ricart factory in Poblenou is looking for a new opportunity. The historic industrial site, which occupies a space equivalent to four islands of the Eixample, has suffered all kinds of vicissitudes since it was saved in extremis after an intense neighborhood struggle. Arson, occupations, demolitions and even frustrated projects such as the House of Languages ​​have burdened the resurgence of this industrial site. Now new projects want to revitalize this historic space, declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest in 2008.

The District of Sant Martí constituted last February 23 for the first time the work table of Can Ricart which was attended by representatives of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), the Eje Pere IV Board, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, ​​the art center Hangar, the youth group La Xemeneia, the Association of Neighbors of Poblenou and the European research project Emuve. This common front wants to recover part of the splendor of this factory that has deteriorated by leaps and bounds over the years.

The slow revival of Can Ricart has as a fundamental project the future park of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the UB that is scheduled to start its works later this year or early 2017. The project, which has 7,000 square meters ceded by the City Council for 50 years to the university, is pending the report of the results of the archaeological excavations, there are Roman ruins in the site, and the development of a special plan to be developed throughout this year.

We hope that in 2020 the university park will be consolidated “


“We hope that in 2020 the park will be consolidated. If it is not finished, it should be very advanced by the end of 2019. We believe that at the end of 2017 we could have some elements of the park, the library building would already be very advanced or finished, or the space that would house audiovisual production, ” Gaspar details. Coll , delegate of the rector of the UB for the park of the Humanities and Social Sciences that will mean an expected investment of 15 million euros . “We are working together with all the agents and the UB is a more supportive agent in the neighborhood to help dignify Can Ricart, but the responsibility is not ours alone”, warns Coll.

The City Council takes note and one of its priorities is to dignify this space and to value the industrial heritage of this place as a whole. “Can Ricart is very important, it is one of the few large industrial complexes that remains in Barcelona next to Can Batlló in Sants and Can Batlló in Urgell, and it is also close to the Pere IV axis, which we are revitalizing and construction will soon start. make it more green and pedestrian “, highlights the councilor of the District of Sant Martí and architect, Josep Maria Montaner .

While waiting for the archaeological results made in the ship called Exempt in the Emilia Coranty, Montaner foresees that “the works do not have to be affected” and in the case that any piece of historical value was found, “it would be moved to a museum” .

Audiovisual production, library and coworking

Audiovisual production, library and coworking

The governing delegate of the UB for the Humanities and Social Sciences Park points out that they are still in the phase of “specifying the spaces that will be reflected in the framework document”, but the uses that will be given in the different buildings are on track. Thus, in the ship Exempt is expected to host part of the historical library of the UB, specifically that of incunabula and some manuscripts. There would also be a digital documentation center that “would be related to the neighborhood and other distributions” that would be available to researchers.

Another large space would be devoted to audiovisual communication technologies. “It is planned in some of the ships to make a set that can be offered even to the private sector and help the park’s own financing,” Coll adds.

The third large sector of the park would boost a coworking space with research groups, “a kind of incubator of our research projects and also social entrepreneurship”, says the UB spokesman, who has already launched its digitalization center in another space of Poblenou, in the old factory of Can Jaumandreu , also pending some reform and that makes up the other leg of the university park of the UB.

New Casal de Joves and historical interpretation centers

New Casal de Joves and historical interpretation centers

In addition to the surviving creation center of Visual Arts Hangar, which has rehabilitated buildings, the park of the UB will be accompanied by the new Casal de Joves , which will be managed by the coordinator of youth entities La Xemeneia. In this space has been enabled a meeting room of the Pere IV Axis and is also in “negotiations”, as noted by the council of Sant Martí, so that part of the activities of the closed Ateneu La Flor de Maig are moved to this place .

For this space to begin to fully operate the City has to finish furnishing it and that is why the Administration has already called the tender for the supply and placement of furniture and signage of Casal with a value of 80,998.43 euros.

The municipal government also wants to value the industrial heritage of Can Ricart. For this reason there is a budgeted project of the ICUB of two pieces of the energy system of the old factory that the Museu d’Història de Barcelona will use as interpretation centers. “We will rebuild and interpret these pieces. The project is already there and as far as possible from a financing point of view it will be carried out, “explains Montaner.

Other municipal initiatives that are being activated in the park are the opening of Emilia Coranty Street to Peru Street, once the interior plaza has been enlarged and car parking restricted.

The session also does not close the door to other operators although no solid proposal has been finalized yet. Montaner points out that “there are other investors and other initiatives that wanted to go to Can Ricart” from the “cultural and scientific side, both public and private”.

The neighbors ask to start the works

The neighbors ask to start the works

The neighbors also suggest other uses for the old factory enclosure. Joan Marca , the president of the Neighborhood Association of Can Ricart , proposes to build urban gardens with social uses and the assignment of more spaces for neighborhood initiatives that favor the associative fabric. It also urges the Administration to accelerate the recovery of Can Ricart. “The works should already be underway. We are worried about how this can be financed. At the moment they are all words and we want facts. Can Ricart continues abandoned and destroyed, “Marca says.

For his part, Salvador Clarós , president of the Association of Neighbors of Poblenou , sees with hope the “titanic” work in Can Ricart. “We ask the City Council to commit itself and facilitate the UB project as much as possible. It is an initiative that we guarantee and we all hope it works and does not run aground, “says Clarós, who would also welcome the creation of services such as a restaurant bar that meets the needs of the university campus.

One of the keys for the university park to move forward is financing with an expected investment of 15 million euros. “It’s the million dollar question”, recognizes Coll. Details that it will be possible from different funding sources such as ministerial loans, a line that the Generalitat annually allocates to universities, the PIU (university investment plan), as well as the income already generated by the digitization center of Can Jaumandreu and of the future projects of the Can Ricart park when they are underway.

“We have money to start the first works. The investment planned to finish the Can Ricart project is approximately 15 million. We can keep maintaining a regular investment of 1.5 million per year until we reach a sufficient level of funding that can be supplemented with external projects throughout the year when elements of the park are already functioning, “explains delegate of the rector of the UB for the park of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The private part, pending issue

The private part, pending issue

Another pending issue will be the private part of Can Ricart, the other half of the site not classified as a Cultural Asset of National Interest but as an area of ​​influence. On this issue the councilor of Sant Martí ensures that we must go step by step and the first priority is to agree on public operators. In a second phase would be to know “the intentions of the real estate” but warns that “the buildability of the project planned if carried out is excessive.”

The neighbors also denounce that the private part suffers a serious deterioration and some demolitions are lamenting, like that of a ship last December and that the Neighborhood Association of Can Ricart has broadcast a video denouncing this situation.

Municipal sources detail that the ship that was demolished was not cataloged and they inform that the property “had permission to clean herbs and took advantage of an illegal way to carry out the demolition”.

The president of the Association of Neighbors of Poblenou also requests that the buildings that were not cataloged in the private area should be incorporated into the patrimonial complex and should end up being public.

Can Ricart, which began construction in 1853, was the first large textile steam factory in Poblenou. Now with these new initiatives the old fabirl enclosure wants to start writing a new chapter in the history of the neighborhood.

Chapter 37

 finding 250,000 pounds sterling …

 finding 250,000 pounds sterling ...

The time difference plays this time in your favor. In London it’s barely ten o’clock in the morning and he starts making phone calls from the desk in his room at the Peninsula Hotel, with Hong Kong at his feet. To the director of the Barclays branch in Hampstead, to an investment house on the Island of Jersey, to the financier who manages the pension fund, to his ‘broker’ of the City … A nightmare. Andy has family money but his liquidity is limited and he does not want to ask his parents. He orders the sale of Treasury shares and bonds, he takes out everything he has at fixed interest, but still falls short. She puts her house as collateral, and in that way she gets a short-term loan-six months. After a couple of exhausting hours, waiting for answers and sending documents by fax, he ends up exhausted but with a clear conscience. For now he can not do more, the debts are being met. It starts to get dark. Black clouds, threatening rain, are superimposed on others of a pristine and angelic white, forming a game of colors that reminds him of a Braque painting.


Take the forced ‘China Morning Post’ folded under your arm. The place of the appointment is the most aromatic and colorful, full of wicker baskets with the most variegated spices. It smells like cinnamon, vanilla, mustard, pepper, saffron … everything and nothing at once. It’s nice

You do not even have to open your mouth. The clerk, unable to distinguish among so many other millions of Chinese, makes a slight gesture of recognition while dispensing an infusion. Andy returns it to him, and waits until he finishes charging a lady with whom he finds himself entangled in a brief but heated discussion, probably because of the price. Then, without saying a word, he takes out from a very old cash register a paper folded in four, and returns to his chores. ‘Congratulations, Mr Brotherton – it appears handwritten on the grid sheet. I confirm in the impression that he is a man of resources with whom business can be done. Go pick up your prize at ten o’clock in the rose garden of the Botanical Garden. Go unhurried and enjoy the beautiful view of Hong Kong. ‘

Andy would give anything for a double cut, like those served at the ‘Camomille Café’ in Hampstead, accompanied by his jug of hot milk and brown sugar. But the supply of the market is reduced to positions of asocial noodles that the natives devour with relish. The best option is a ‘MacDonald’s’ on the Queen’s Road, with the same tables, counters, uniforms and burger photos as in Leicester Square. He tries to read the newspaper but falls asleep. The liquid is disgusting, although at least it is hot.

He knows Chang’s instructions by heart. Wrinkle the paper and put it in the empty plastic cup, where there is still some coffee. Many stores have already opened at eight in the morning and look at shop windows to kill the time. Buy a bouquet of yellow roses for Laura, a red silk kimono with black dragons for Clara, some silver toothpicks for Julia, her secretary, and the new console ‘Nintendo’ for Nicky Horan, with the most violent video game that they sell in tips .

A thick fog covers the peaks of the skyscrapers and covers the mountain. He feels a few drops fall into his hair, as if the humidity was permanently suspended in the air of Hong Kong. The double-decker trams move in single file along the central lanes of the Harcourt Road, the executives hurry to their offices, the traffic is overwhelming, the drivers play the horn. A group of Filipino girls talk in corners and smoke under a porch after spending the night in sleeping bags, waiting for the women of the rich to pay attention to them and offer them bed, food and less than the minimum wage in the luxurious ones apartments of the High Levels * . Dozens of tourists queue at the funicular stop that climbs to the top of the ‘Peak’, although today visibility is almost zero. But it is your obligation, the guide specifies it. Andy has enough time to go on foot. The slope is very steep – more and more – and sweats copiously. The damn humidity. Laura will find it sticky and grossed out. Your heart beats strongly. He stops for a few seconds and looks up at the sky, the sun is making its way.

The former residence of the British governor, on Albert Road, retains the same colonial appearance, the same gate, the same gate, the same Rolls Royce at the door. Only the Union Jack is missing. Now the red flag of the People’s Republic is flying and is only used sporadically for official receptions. No Chinese official wants to occupy the building because the orientation of doors and windows is poor, the mirrors and stairs create confusion, and the evil spirits do not find the way out. In Hong Kong there are three things that are taken very seriously: money, horses and feng-shui * . But the English, of course, were never interested in it …

It stumbles suddenly with the southern entrance of the Botanical and Zoological Garden, at the top of some stairs that leave from the Garden Road. Andy comes panting to the top, his shirt soaked and his breathing ragged. He wipes his forehead with his handkerchief while he waits his turn to buy the ticket. The lady gives him a map and marks the rose garden with a circle. It is twenty past nine. Feel the dry, pasty mouth. Buy a beer in a beverage cart, despite how early it is. It opens the South China Morning Post for the second time this morning, but it can not concentrate on reading. Stories of Chinese immigrants, economic growth, the decline in housing prices in Hong Kong. New security measures, restrictions on civil liberties, demonstrations. An editorial makes the apology of Tony Blair, as if he did not have enough sycophants in England. The international section is reduced to a single page, with a Washington chronicle about the approval by the US Senate of the sale of a package of arms to Taiwan that the Chinese Communist Party denounces as a threat to the stability of the region. Andy folds the newspaper and throws it into the wastebasket along with the empty beer can. Ten minus twenty. Roam the trails of the park, admire trees with Latin names and hear the songs of birds finely caged behind metal nets that seem to touch the sky. How will Laura be? What can be said in these cases?

The time runs in slow motion. At ten minutes to five he can not take it anymore, he studies the map and takes the path that leads to the rose garden, a small garden surrounded by perfectly trimmed hedges, in true English style. He immediately discovers Laura, with her leg in a cast and a bandage on her wrist, sitting on a bench, perfectly groomed, wearing sunglasses even though she does not need them, her skin whitish, her hair a little longer and her highlights Redheads, very thin. She wears a cream-colored short dress, slightly low-cut, with a new look. He goes towards her, spreading his arms in welcome. He does not know whether to smile or act with solemnity. There is nothing worse than feeling guilty.

– How are you? Andy asks, while touching Laura’s arm affectionately.

She slinks away, as if repelled by physical contact.

– Your partners gave me this for you, “he says deadpan behind the dark glasses, handing him a white envelope he has in his hand. Can we leave here?

Andy would prefer anything. A scream, a slap, a cry, even the arrogant giggle of Mr. Chang. But Laura is cruel and punishes him with distance and indifference. He deserves it.

Laura does not protest, she does not ask, it’s like she’s drugged. Everything seems to give equal. Andy leaves her in his Peninsula suite, asks her to sleep, to rest, to ask for something to eat. The green tea with pastries that serve on the ground floor is wonderful, nothing to envy to the ‘Brown’s’ * of Mayfair .. It leaves a copy of the key. He has things to do and will return in four or five hours, he does not know exactly. The flight to Heathrow departs at midnight and they will keep the room until then. He explains that he shares the room with a friend, so he does not panic if a short, thin, hairy guy with black hair in a ponytail appears. She does not open her mouth. He can not even see his eyes, hidden behind his sunglasses. Close the sliding door that separates the two rooms and write a note to Dennis, explaining the situation.

It goes to the end of the subway line, where the New Territories and Hong Kong end. Cross the border with the rest of China, like all the workers who daily make the trip a couple of times, show their passport and nobody asks anything. Enter Shenzen, the paradise of cheap shopping, a ‘Las Vegas’ in Chinese version and without casinos, that city shredded, of skyscrapers of offices and shopping centers, where you buy and sell to the soul, the old frontier, until only a few years ago, between the United Kingdom and Asia, between capitalism and communism.

He goes to the counter of the Tourism and Exchange Office. In an electronic strip embedded in the wall the letters and numbers run with the price of the main currencies. Everything is modern, aseptic, unpolluted, the clean face of the new China. Andy takes out his address book and shows the address that Lin gave him, So Uk Market, place number 126. A young girl, with a fashion magazine haircut, white shirt and tie, displays a map and explains it in correct English, very serious, the best way to get there. Shenzen is small and squared. Ten minutes walking.

Andy was expecting a market like Hong Kong Central, dirtier and poorer, but So Uk is more of a typical Third World city mall, in an old three-story building with peeling paint. Escalators do not work. Trays with a wide range of imitation ‘Rolex’, slippers ‘Nike’ and ‘Adidas’ also lying, glasses ‘Police’ unable to fool the dumbest, clothes of poor quality, mops and all kinds of cleaning utensils, suitcases plastic, trinkets … Some positions are assigned number, although it is impossible for Andy to find a logical sequence, the 37 appears next to the 211, the 48 next to the 339. Fortunately the numbers are the same in Chinese than in English, and writes on a paper 126. They signal him to go up to the second floor of the market, and there he identifies a more modern chiringuito than the others, illuminated with neon lights and surrounded by a window, behind which there are several telephone booths. A sign announces in Western characters ‘Vodafone’, and next to ‘126’.

Does not agree with the indications received in writing from Lin. It was supposed to give an official shop of government ‘souvenirs’, ‘China Export’, with cultured pearl necklaces, chess boards with pieces of ivory, ceramic vessels made at the time of some remote dynasty, silk handkerchiefs … And that the owner would know immediately what it was about. It is not like this.

– You want? – welcomes a skinny boy dressed in an impeccable suit of western cut.

– News of the panda bear that wobbles on a bamboo pole.

– Excuse me … -said the man with the poker face-.

– Mr. Zhang Tuo? Is this number 126? Andy asks, a little broken, he sees clearly that he is not going anywhere.

– I think so, but I do not know any Zhang Tuo …

– Do you believe it or do you know it? He asks angrily.

– I know. We’ve only been here for a week.

– What was there before?

“No idea,” replied the Chinese mannequin, a young man who certainly knows more about David Beckham than about the Cultural Revolution, may even have a semi-detached house with private security in the suburbs. Would you like me to show you the latest mobile phone models with built-in modem ?. They connect to the Internet through an infrared system, take pictures that can be sent instantly and serve both in the United States and in Europe …

– You can do me a favor?. I will really appreciate it.

The Vodafone employee does not respond.

– Ask any neighbor if until recently there was an official gift shop here, ‘China Export’, or something like that …

Yes, there was, confirms the cloth salesman of position 434. What became of him? Will it have changed premises ?. A long and gesticulante parrafada that the boy of the mobile then translates into two words: no idea. Andy still does not understand the logic of So Uk’s market numbering, nor does the Chinese mind. He returns disappointed to the border, they stamp his passport, he climbs the subway and he undoes the road he walked. His fellow travelers are loaded with packages, he returns empty-handed. Look out the window, deep in thought, disappointed. Tie one, Andy, you can not always win. At least you have Laura healthy, even if she hates you.

Andy and Dennis travel together in the ‘business’ class of Singapore Airlines. Laura, alone, across the hall. He does not open his mouth on the whole trip. He does not eat, he does not drink, he does not sleep. At times he flips through a magazine, most of the time he remains with his head reclined on the seat, always wearing sunglasses, like a breastplate. But Andy observes the rhythm of his breathing and knows he does not rest. The plane lands in Heathrow like a nail, at six o’clock in the morning, after crossing the world in favor of time, in an eternal night, without sun, moon or stars.

Ask Laura, while they wait for the suitcases, where she wants to take her. Maybe she feels very alone at home and prefers a little company. -It gives me exactly the same-, he responds. “Do you want to stay with me for a few days?” Andy suggests. She does not respond, but emits a bitter, bitter, corrosive laugh. Choose to leave her in Notting Hill. At the moment there is nothing else I can do. He perceives her so far away that all he feels is guilt.

In Hampstead he finds everything clean and tidy thanks to the good work of Teófila. The bundle of accumulated correspondence rests on the entrance table. The answering machine’s pilot does not blink. The sun comes and goes at times. He closes the curtains in his room, pulls a shirt out of the drawer and wraps himself in the sheets. Cross your fingers to sleep.

It circles Oxford and takes the A44 road in the direction 

It circles Oxford and takes the A44 road in the direction 

The sun’s rays sneak through the slits of the curtains. He hesitates between turning around and continuing to sleep, or to stretch out. The electronic clock on the bedside table got stuck at 12.00 when the light went out and it did not help. Look at the wristband – a gold Omega from his grandfather – and he has to concentrate hard to read the hands. Three minutes to five! He rubs his eyes and jumps out of bed. Put the coffee pot on the fire and shower while the coffee comes out. Call Clara to propose another country trip, but her friend does not respond. He does not want to bother Dennis, who will probably spend the whole day in bed, unless his wife puts him to work in the greenhouse to make up for lost time. Find Reggie at the tennis club’s restaurant and ask for the road map.

It puts petrol to the BMW, that with its one hundred fifty thousand kilometers to slopes continues throwing of wonder. It circles Oxford and takes the A44 road in the direction of Evesham and Worcester, through fairytale towns, with black and white, thatched cottages, which have been there ever since Shakespeare recounted the adventures of King Lear. It recognizes the golf course of Chipping Norton and deviates towards the north by a county road. Put the odometer to zero to avoid passing. At the exit of a bend, you see a huge farm with several stables on top of the hill, an impeccable reference, and turn right onto an unpaved road. Continue two or three kilometers, with the herds of sheep as their only companion, until in the distance you can see a brick wall a couple of meters high crowned by glass rubble, so that no one can think of discovering the hidden secrets of the other side. It is the site you are looking for. The nearest town, a little further north, is called Great Rollright. Maybe I have a pub.

One sector of the wall goes into the fields, the other runs parallel to the rural road with closed-circuit television cameras every fifty meters. The car wobbles to the rhythm of the holes and tunnels, and Andy remembers that it does not have a spare wheel. Knock on woood. Somewhere there must be an entrance to the compound. It does not appear until a kilometer and a half beyond, a latticework iron gate with golden incrustations typical of Windsor Castle. In times it must have been the mansion of a nobleman with a lot of money and many millions, before the heirs auctioned it or the state kept it to collect the taxes. It’s not worth hiding, it’s been a while since the castle’s cameras have focused on it. Better to smile No security guards, no intercom or keypad that requires a key, just a slot to insert the magnetic edge of a card. Nothing is lost with trying. Andy takes out of his pocket the one that stole McCaulskey at the Hotel Locarno in Rome and slides it gently. Maybe nobody has bothered to cancel the square head card, never underestimate the uselessness of the bureaucracy, at whatever level. The two leaves of the gate welcome you slowly.

A wide avenue of land escorted by lime trees, oaks and spiky willows flows into a three-story granite building. In times it must have been the baron’s house, now it has so many satellite dishes on the roof that it looks like a branch of CNN. He circles it until he finds the parking lot in an esplanade in the back, crowded with cars. Park the BMW in a space next to the facade, in front of a sign that says ‘Director’. You have confidence with the director. They have known each other for many years, and will be happy to see you.

Enter the McCaulskey card in another slot and appear in a hallway with rustic hardwood floors, artificial light and prints of English cities on the walls. Small bronze plates with a letter and three numbers classify the doors of the offices, all closed. Nobody stumbles until arriving, guided by instinct, to the large central hall of the mansion, from which a wide spiral staircase leads to the upper floors. There he finds people, some civilian and others military. He hangs up his collar and asks for a boss in the army’s office, a girl in an army uniform who has a tray with a plate of cookies and a teapot in precarious balance. She looks at him strangely, but tells him to go up to the first floor.

The anteroom has two desks, both empty, although hangers hang a pair of khaki jackets with cape stripes. Knock with the knuckles a double door without getting any response. It enters directly and fits into the reclining black leather chair, with wheels, which undoubtedly belongs to the director. Take a look at the folders strewn across the desk, several with a red ‘Top Secret’ stamp. He rummages in the first one he fancies, a report on the probable strategy of Sinn Fein in the next round of peace negotiations in Northern Ireland. The last page is a list of all observation towers and facilities of the Ministry of Defense in the county of South Armagh. Along with some of them someone has handwritten ‘susceptible to closure’. All very predictable, nothing that can not be read between the lines in the newspapers. He opens a large window and goes out onto the terrace, overlooking the avenue of willows that he has just traveled with the car. The fresh air hits him in the face.

He hears the noise of the door and turns around. Agatha Wilkinson looks at him in surprise, not knowing if he is dealing with a thief, a spy or a subordinate who exceeds his functions. Andy gives him a smile.

  • In college you presumed to be a good physiognomist …

    In college you presumed to be a good physiognomist ...

She frowns and in seconds bursts into a merry laugh.

– Andrew Brotherton, of course! He exclaims, approaching and holding out his hand in an effusive gesture. What are you doing here?.
Andy points his finger at the ID card that hangs around his neck.

– I bring you a gift. One of your boys lost it in Rome, but he did not let me give it back to him personally. I suppose that fulfilling some very strict directive …

The owner of the office seems more fun than anything else, but remains silent. She is very tall and thin, broad shoulders, short black hair with bangs, suspicious look, the same pimple on the lip that bothered her so much when she was young. About the same age, although it seems older. It will be the responsibility of the charge. Wear a gray skirt just below the knees and a matching jacket. He takes it off and leaves it folded on the back of a chair.

– You want a drink? He finally asks. When was the last time we saw each other? I guess we have many things to tell us. Sit for a while …

– Many times I asked myself – Andy says – what would have become of that lanky girl who came running to put on bandages and to whom behind her back we called ‘the giraffe’ – she throws a loud laugh -. So serious, studious and disciplined, with the best grades of her class, daughter of a general and with a unique passion that no one could explain: rugby.

– So weird is it? Asks Agatha Wilkinson, with a radiant smile. A lot of people like sports …

– It did not respond to your personality, nor that you stopped studying on the eve of a match to do a hundred kilometers by coach and give first aid to a gang of hooligans who ran behind an oval ball – Andy replies, still standing, relaxed and cordial-.

She shrugs her shoulders.

– Things are never as simple as they seem and we all have our secrets – he responds with an air of premeditated mystery, without appearing the slightest discomfort with the situation.

– On the other hand – Judgment Andy – you fit as a glove to be the director of the Military Intelligence Service for Ulster …

– Shhhh … Do not say it out loud, “she interrupts holding a finger to her lips, still mocking. It is supposed to be top secret of state. Only the paparazzi and the ‘Hello’ photographer are missing here … You did not tell me what you wanted to take …

– Is there a pub nearby? Andy suggests. Where we can talk quietly, catch up and drink a beer for the old days, without being listened to by the microphones hidden in the vases …

Agatha Wilkinson lets out another laugh.

– That’s Paleolithic technology! If you knew what gossip we have now …

- That

It’s already night when he returns to Hampstead, a little wiser than before. Agatha kept some letters, and even she does not know everything. But little by little he is filling in boxes in an increasingly surprising crossword puzzle. Answering questions, like for example who was the mysterious woman who played the baton on Victoria Street, with James’ body still on the asphalt. Laura was not hallucinating. It was Agatha Wilkinson, alias ‘the giraffe’ and director of the RUF, Military Intelligence for Ulster. Andy opens a can of tuna in oil and a package of Serrano ham black leg bought in ‘Garcia & Sons’ * , takes some toast out of the pantry and a can of beer from the refrigerator, and goes up with all this to the office. First leave a message to Clara to confirm the appointment the next day and propose that they meet at half past nine at the London Bridge station. He will go by metro and she in the car, in view of his phobia of public transport. On the desk, all the elements of his investigation are still displayed, to which he now adds the envelope that Laura gave him with the instructions of his new partner, Mr. Chang. Teófila knows from experience that here, in his sancta sanctortum, the dust is cleaned without changing a single paper. He is hungry and his fingers are stained with ham grease. He absentmindedly picks up one of the propaganda bulletins Nick Horan received in his office. Turn the pages, glaringly looking at restaurant ads, from three to four lawyers, from security companies and ‘spyware’ stores. A company offers sworn guards ‘with police experience and impeccable references’. An advertisement in the lower right corner of that page looks more fun to you: “Sometimes a single personality is not enough. On occasion we all need to become another person, change skin like a chameleon. If you want to be different, richer or poorer, more handsome or uglier, taller or shorter, think of ALTER EGO. The main film studios use our services. Twenty years of experience Give the bell in a bachelor party, weddings, anniversaries or the Halloween party. Surprise your wife and your coworkers. Have fun, call ALTER EGO.

The cell requested credits a month before 17-A to buy explosives

The cell requested credits a month before 17-A to buy explosives

Barcelona, ​​Aug 7 (EFE) .- Several members of the terrorist cell of 17-A asked a month before the bombings in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona) fast credits to be able to buy supposedly the precursors with which to manufacture the explosives, in some cases using false names.

This is indicated by the General Police Information Office of the Mossos d’Esquadra in a report, which Efe has had access to, which is included in the 21 volumes of the investigation summary of the 17-A attacks on which the judge of the Audiencia Nacional Fernando Andreu has raised the secret.

As a result of this report, Judge Andreu ordered in an order dated June 18 that the financiers with whom the terrorists had allegedly been in contact – Coofidis, and DineroRapid – provide all the documentation related to the loans granted to the members of the cell, with the objective of “knowing all the financing channels” of the investigated.

Specifically, according to the Mossos, one of the terrorists killed in Cambrils, Mohamed Hichamy, made four calls to Cofidis between July 4 and 8, 2017, according to the study of the registration of his mobile phone.

Taking into account that the financial Cofidis “offers money on credit in a very fast way”, according to the Mossos, “everything seems to indicate that Mohamed Hichami’s will was to obtain money on credit (evident not to be returned) in order to acquire the precursor substances for the manufacture of the explosives, as it has been confirmed that they did during those dates “.

Hichami made these calls between July 4 and 8, which for researchers is “especially important”, since he contacted the financial institution on a date “very close to August 20, 2017, a date that seemed the one planned by the terrorists to commit the attacks “, which finally precipitated them on August 17 after the house of Alcanar (Tarragona) in which they prepared the explosives was blown up.

According to the report, the author of the attack on the Ramblas,

According to the report, the author of the attack on the Ramblas,

Younes Abouyaaqoub, and Mohamed Hichamy -one of the terrorists killed in Cambrils-, applied for a loan to Cofidis on July 4, 2017, just one month and thirteen days before the attacks. , “so it can be inferred that this request could be motivated to help the management of the attacks.”

Likewise, the Mossos stand out, both Hicham Aouyaaqoub – brother of Younes and another of the terrorists killed in Cambrils -, and Rachid Oukabir – brother of two of the members of the cell, Moussa, killed in Cambrils, and Driss, one of the imprisoned- also requested loans to the same entity, “that could well obey this same strategy”.

In addition, after analyzing the contents of a mobile phone found in the rubble of Alcanar, belonging to Mohamed Houli -one of the inmates-, the Mossos have detected that he received several SMS from micro-credit companies such as and Dinerorapid, so They conclude that he searched these companies.

These SMS are also revealing, according to the Mossos, because they show “again” another of the strategies set by the terrorist cell and that had also been observed in previous operations, such as the use of a “fictitious identity”, since several of the messages received on Houli’s mobile are directed to “Nelu Daniel”.

“This instruction infers that the identity of Nelu Daniel could well respond to this tactic of making it impossible and difficult for a subsequent tracking by the police bodies, in addition to cheating and swindling the microcredit company,” the Mossos maintain.

In this sense, the autonomic police stresses that in the acquisition of SIM cards, the cell members also used non-existent identities, taking advantage of the fact that in some sales establishments the security and identification measures were “lax or non-existent, to the obligation of them to identify the buyers of said cards “.

The Mossos highlight in their report that the requests to microcredit companies to finance terrorist attacks on a global scale can be “tracked in time”, since Amedy Coulibaly obtained a credit of 6,000 euros to finance the Paris bombing, since with that Sum acquired several weapons and paid a ticket for his partner to join the ranks of Daesh in Syria.

In addition, this method of financing has been used by “foreign fighters” to move to areas of conflict, “being money that will never be returned and that will cede to the terrorist organization Daesh once they reach their territory,” according to the Mossos. EFE.